Search Process

Our Process is Straight-Forward:
We act as your advocate in the market to attract elusive candidates who aren’t reading the job boards . . .
the ones who are too busy producing results
for your competitors.

"retainer level process, even on contingency search..."
If your current recruiting firm relies on advertising to fill your positions, your best case scenario is hiring the best of “who’s looking”.  Many of your successful competitors rely on direct-recruit firms like SearchStone Partners to build top-performance teams by personally connecting with the players in their market. They understand that it’s not about “finding”, it’s about “attracting”. And that can only be accomplished through direct contact by a trusted partner who can explain why your opportunity could be an improvement in their current career situation. We act as your advocate to convince highly successful professionals to sit down at the table with you to discuss a career with your organization. Our clients know that successful placements made this way are far and away the best hires companies make.

We take the time at the beginning of each talent search to thoroughly understand your business goals, what you hope to accomplish by filling the position and what a successful candidate should bring to the table.  Beyond the job requirements, we know that cultural fit will be a huge factor in your final decision, so we also make sure we have a clear picture of what type of individual will complement your team before we begin the search.

You will not receive a stack of resumes from a SearchStone recruiter.  In fact, in most cases you will receive a handful of pre-screened candidates who have proven highly effective for their current employers.  By the time their resume reaches your desk, they will have been thoroughly interviewed to determine not only that they meet your specifications, but also that we are confident they can be successful in meeting your goals for the position.  We apply this “retainer model” even to our contingency searches.

We then work very closely with both you and the candidates throughout the interview process.  Once finalists are determined, we guide both parties through the sometimes difficult offer process to significantly minimize the risk of offer turndowns.  

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