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SearchStone Partners

We are the trusted agency of choice for top companies in specific niche industries:

  •   Ingredients & Flavors
  •   Real Estate
  •   Commercial Construction
  •   Energy

We immerse ourselves every day in the career aspirations of professionals in these industries.  By developing these networks and relationships over many years, we are able to quickly identify the best and the brightest with the unique skillset you require for each talent search.

Each of our highly successful recruiters is an expert in one of these markets.  Because they continuously network with thousands of professionals in your industry niche, the knowledge and insight they apply to your talent search is unparalleled.

Beyond each talent search, SearchStone recruiters become invaluable to you as true partners to help you build an organization of extraordinary talent.  We work closely with you to evaluate how competitive you are in the job market and advise how to attract the best talent to your company.