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"our clients rely on us
for who we know.
make sure that
we know you ..."
The best time to partner with a SearchStone recruiter is long before you begin a job search.  Anyone can tell you that the best career moves are made when you’re not actively looking.  

We spend a great deal of time networking in confidence with professionals like yourself, whether you’re actively seeking a new position or not.  Once we connect, we act as your personal career counselor.  We follow your career, we get to know you, we learn about your career goals, and we learn which types of opportunities could be a great next step for you.  And we keep you informed when those opportunities become available.  We know many of you sometimes for years before you’re ready to make a move.

True Career Advantage

Working with an expert in your market niche has its advantages.  We know the companies, we know the players, we know the unique business culture of every client.  And it’s very important that we know you!

Because of our relationships with key decision makers in your industry, we work on many unadvertised positions.  In some cases, we know when positions are still in the planning stages and can get you in front of the hiring manager before they even open up the talent search.  Placements like these are made because we already know the right person for the job.

Interview Expertise

  • Once you have decided to pursue a new opportunity, we’re with you every step of the way.  Your SearchStone recruiter will-
  • Manage the interview process and provide you with key details on the company & the position, well beyond the job description.
  • Help you with interview skills.
  • Should the process move toward offer stage, we will guide you through that process so you can make the best decision for your unique situation.


Your trust is of utmost importance to us.  Our conversations are held in strictest confidence and your information is never released to any party without your permission. 

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