Why Partner With Us?

SearchStone is your partner in building an organization of extraordinary talent.

the SearchStone advantage is simple: the search to fill your position began years before your position opened up.

In today’s candidate-driven market, the ability to attract that type of talent doesn’t come easily.  Only you can decide whether to build your team with applicants or true recruits.  When faced with filling positions that are critical to the success of your business, will you choose the best of who’s available or the best in your business?

Let’s be clear – the tide has changed.  We are currently in a true candidate-driven market.  It is no longer presumed that “finding” candidates will routinely result in success at the interview process finish line.  Today more than ever, it’s important to partner with a direct-search recruiter who is an expert in your own world.  One who immerses themselves every day in the career aspirations of professionals in your industry and brings that knowledge to your talent search.   

Most of our highly specialized recruiters have been active in your industry niche for over a decade, some as many as 25 years.  We have been networking and building relationships with professionals in your direct market space and have followed their careers.  We know who’s who, we know who’s performing at the top of their game, and most importantly  we know what opportunities would be attractive to them and what it would take for them to consider making a career move.  Our connections are the ultimate value we bring to our clients. 

Modern search experts to guide you through today’s challenging hiring climate...

We know that you have already experienced the fact that the ratio of offer to acceptance of offer  has risen dramatically over the past few years.  Offer turndowns are an expensive setback for a company, not only in terms of wasted interview time, but also in the morale of frustrated hiring managers.  An experienced third party who knows your specific market space – a SearchStone expert – can work in trust with both you and the candidate to make sure each party’s needs, wants and concerns are worked out prior to the offer to maximize success at the finish line. 

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